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Do you treat children or adults?

  • We provide speech therapy services for infants, children and adults.

How can speech therapy help me?

  • Speech therapy can help you with all areas of communication. This includes speaking more clearly and fluently, understanding spoken language better, improving reading skills and writing skills.

  • Speech therapy can also help with feeding and swallowing problems such as difficulty chewing and swallowing, coughing and choking when eating, or messy eating due to weak muscles in the lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw.

  • Speech therapy can also help infants who are having problems with latching and maintaining a strong suck when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

  • For children, speech therapy can help to improve receptive and expressive language, social skills, play skills, fluency, speech clarity and articulation, as well as feeding and swallowing.

  • For adults, speech therapy can help with aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, dysphagia, memory, cognitive-communication problems, stuttering, voice, and oral myofunctional disorders.

What is TeleTherapy?

  • Teletherapy is the use of telecommunications technology to deliver speech language pathology services at a distance by linking the therapist to the client to provide assessments, interventions, or consultations. You may also hear the terms “telepractice”, “telemedicine”, “telehealth”, “online speech therapy”, or “virtual speech therapy.”

  • Did you know that speech language pathologists have been providing therapy this way since 1970? Teletherapy is effective and convenient for both adults and children.

What do I need to connect for teletherapy?

  • A computer with an internet connection a webcam and a microphone. We use a secure, end-to-end encrypted video conferencing platform that is free and easy to download. All materials used for speech therapy will be scanned in by your therapist, or web-based so you can easily view them.

How much does a therapy session cost?

  • Please contact us directly, as costs vary depending on the services required.

Do you take insurance?

  • Centered Speech, LLC is considered an out-of-network provider. All services are self-pay, due at the time of service. We are happy to provide a monthly invoice that you may submit to your insurance company for an out-of-network reimbursement. However, we do not file directly with any insurance companies. We are proud to be a Gardiner Scholarship Provider. Any child who is currently a Gardiner Scholarship recipient may use those funds to pay for speech therapy services provided by Centered Speech, LLC. Learn more about that here.

How do I set up an appointment?

  • Please contact us by filling out the form below by or calling us at 386-516-0505

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